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Title Illegal Gambling Clubs of Toledo; the Chips, the Dice, the Places and Faces
Author Terry Shaffer
Prices Book - $22.95, CD - $0.00, Kindle - $0.00
Postage $3.99
CommentsCoinciding with the recent opening of Ohio's first legalized casinos, this book gives an in-depth look into the world of illegal gambling clubs located in Toledo, Ohio. This pictorial extravaganza presents a detailed look into the past, going back as far as the turn of the century. Included are detailed descriptions of the clubs, from the dates of operation, the locations, the owners and operators to the police raids that attempted to shut them down. Illegal Gambling Clubs of Toledo is one of the most complete collections ever compiled of scarce Toledo gambling club memorabilia from an era when even a pinball machine was considered a gambling device. Mobster history buffs will rejoice now that Toledo's Purple Gang has been listed in detail with many names and mug shots never before seen by the public. With 72 different illegal gambling operations listed, you'll find this book entertaining as well as infomative.
Ordering Information
Happy Chipper Publishing
3448 Woodley Court
Toledo, OH 43606

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