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Kentucky, United States

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143 Casinos Found

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  Casinos and Non-Casinos City   Type Opened Closed Status SO  Website
  (horse) - See Mecca Cafe - Newport, Kentucky
  (lighthouse) - See Lookout House - Covington, Kentucky
  181 - See Avenue, The - Bellevue, Kentucky
  19 - See Nineteen Club - Newport, Kentucky
  310 Club Owensboro    Illegal Closed
  633 Club - See Flamingo Club - Newport, Kentucky
  A.J. Jolly Golf Course Alexandria    Golf Club 1962 Open
  Alibi Club Newport    Illegal 1940s 1950s Closed
  Allan Myers Louisville    Personal Chip Open
  American Legion Post 0020 Elsmere    Fraternal Open
  Amy Andrae Highland Heights    Personal Chip Open
  Ansert Louisville    Home Poker Set Closed
  ATM (A.T. Morgan) Mayfield    UFC Closed
  ATS - See Woodland Inn - Walton, Kentucky
  Avenue, The Bellevue    Illegal 1949 1963 Closed
  Barney's Old Homestead Bellevue    Illegal Closed
  Basil Hayden - See Jim Beam - Clermont, Kentucky
  BD - See Biffi Night Club - Louisville, Kentucky
  Belmont Newport    Illegal Closed
  Beverly Hills Country Club Southgate    Illegal 1937 05/28/1977 Closed
  BH - See Beverly Hills Country Club - Southgate, Kentucky
  Biffi Night Club Louisville    Illegal 1940 Closed
  Bill Snider Louisville    Personal Chip 2011 Closed
  BOH - See Barney's Old Homestead - Bellevue, Kentucky
  Bookers - See Jim Beam - Clermont, Kentucky
  BPOE Elks 0089 Lexington    Fraternal 1888 1995 Closed
  BPOE Elks 0314 Florence    Fraternal 1895 Open
  BPOE Elks 0350 Ashland    Fraternal 1895 Open
  BPOE Elks 1294 Hickman    Fraternal 1913 1943 Closed
  BPOE Elks 2453 Middleboro    Fraternal 1970 1979 Closed
  Brickhouse Pub & Grub Florence    Food & Beverage Open
  BRJ - See Crown Cigar Store - Paducah, Kentucky
  Casino Paul s Lexington    Home Poker Set Unknown
  Charles Bianco Louisville    Personal Chip Open
  Churchill Downs Incorporated (CDI) Louisville    Casino Mgmt 1875 Open
  CK - See Club Keeneland - Covington, Kentucky
  Club Alexandria Newport    Illegal 1940s 1950s Closed
  Club Keeneland Covington    Illegal Closed
  Club Lexi Villa Elizabethtown    Illegal 1941 Closed
  Club Rio Vista Owensboro    Illegal 1948 Closed
  Club Trocadero Evansville    Illegal 1939 1951 Closed
  Commando - See Little Commando Club - Henderson, Kentucky
  Commando, The - See Little Commando Club - Henderson, Kentucky
  Crown Cigar Store Paducah    Illegal Closed
  cSc - See Stoner Creek Country Club - Paris, Kentucky
  Dave Cinch (Dave Hench) Lexington    Personal Chip Open
  DC - Louisville Hotel Louisville    UFC Closed
  Derby City Gaming Louisville    Racino Open
  Devou Park Golf Course Covington    Golf Club Open
  Ellis Park Henderson    Racino Open
  ENW - See Hub, The - Owensboro, Kentucky
  ERL - See Club Lexi Villa - Elizabethtown, Kentucky
  Evan Williams Distillery    Food & Beverage 1783 Open
  Flamingo Club Newport    Illegal Closed
  Florence World of Golf Florence    Golf Club Open
  FMCC (Fort Mitchell Country Club) Fort Mitchell    Golf Club Open
  Food Giant Bowling Green    Food & Beverage Unknown
  Fortuna Home Louisville    Food & Beverage Unknown
  Four Roses Bourbon Lawrenceburg    Food & Beverage Open
  Fox Run Golf Course Independence    Golf Club 1981 Open
  Frankfort Country Club Frankfort    Golf Club Open
  GB - See Sycamore Cafe - Louisville, Kentucky
  GJH - See Sycamore Cafe - Louisville, Kentucky
  Glenmore Distillery Company Owensboro    Food & Beverage Unknown
  Glenn Hotel Newport    Illegal 1937 1950 Closed
  Glenn Rendezvous - See Glenn Hotel - Newport, Kentucky
  Glenn Schmidt's Playtorium Newport    Illegal 1951 1959 Closed
  GR - See Glenn Hotel - Newport, Kentucky
  Grandview Club Newport    Illegal Closed
  GS - See Glenn Schmidt's Playtorium - Newport, Kentucky
  GWM - See Probus's - Louisville, Kentucky
  Harley-Davidson - Bluegrass Louisville    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Bowling Green Bowling Green    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Four Rivers Paducah    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Four Rivers (Boutique) Grand Rivers    Harley Davidson 10/2016 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - High Stakes Florence    Harley Davidson 09/2019 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Louisville Louisville    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Man O' War Lexington    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Mineshaft Pikeville    Harley Davidson 08/2017 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Pikeville Pikeville    Harley Davidson 2000 08/2017 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Thoroughbred Florence    Harley Davidson 09/2019 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Wildcat London    Harley Davidson Open
  HC - See Herron's Cafe - Corbin, Kentucky
  HDD - See Glenn Hotel - Newport, Kentucky
  HDH - See Hi-De-Ho Club - Newport, Kentucky
  Herron's Cafe Corbin    Illegal Closed
  Hi-De-Ho Club Newport    Illegal Closed
  Home Social Club Hopkinsville    Illegal Closed
  Hub, The Owensboro    Illegal 1935 1940s Closed
  HWJ - See Postime Billiards - Henderson, Kentucky
  Indian Rock Inn Middleboro    Illegal Closed
  Iroquois Club Louisville    Illegal Closed
  J / B - See Lookout House - Covington, Kentucky
  J-M - See Roi-Tan Club - Louisville, Kentucky
  JC - See Jungle Club - Louisville, Kentucky
  JC - See Jockey Club - Newport, Kentucky
  Jeff Ruby's Tropicana Newport    Dining & Entertainment 2002 2008 Closed
  JEW (Harry Woods) Owensboro    UFC Closed
  Jim Beam Clermont    Food & Beverage Open
  JLS SmKey    UFC Closed
  Jockey Club Newport    Illegal 1937 1950 Closed
  Jungle Club Louisville    Illegal Closed
  JWG - See Sycamore Cafe - Louisville, Kentucky
  Kasey Klub, The Henderson    Illegal 1930s 1940s Closed
  KD - See Glenn Hotel - Newport, Kentucky
  Kearney Hill Golf Course Lexington    Golf Club Open
  Kenny's Poker Parlor Bullitt County    Home Poker Set Closed
  Kentucky Club Covington    Illegal 1940s 1960s Closed
  Kentucky Downs Franklin    Racino 1990 Open
  Kentucky Fried Chicken Louisville    Advertiser Open
  Kentucky Hotel Louisville    Illegal 1937 Closed
  Kevin Norris Louisville    Personal Chip Open
  KFC - See Kentucky Fried Chicken - Louisville, Kentucky
  KID - See Kid Abel Monmouth Cigar Store - Newport, Kentucky
  Kid Abel Monmouth Cigar Store Newport    Illegal Closed
  Knob Creek - See Jim Beam - Clermont, Kentucky
  Knob Creek Distillery Company Clermont    Food & Beverage Unknown
  KY Club - See Kentucky Club - Covington, Kentucky
  La Boom Casino Covington    Dining & Entertainment 1980s 2012 Closed
  LAC - See Sports Bar - Louisville, Kentucky
  Latin Quarter Newport    Illegal 1940s 1950s Closed
  LH - See Home Social Club - Hopkinsville, Kentucky
  LHJ (L.H. James) Paris    UFC Closed
  Little Commando Club Henderson    Illegal Closed
  Long John Silver's Louisville    Food & Beverage 08/18/1969 Open
  Lookout House Covington    Illegal 1933 1952 Closed
  LOOM Moose 0215 Lexington    Fraternal Closed
  LQ - See Latin Quarter - Newport, Kentucky
  M-C - See Merchants Club - Newport, Kentucky
  Magnolia Club Covington    Illegal Closed
  Mecca Cafe Newport    Illegal 1940s 1960s Closed
  Melbourne Country Club Melbourne    Illegal Closed
  Merchants Club Newport    Illegal Closed
  Mike Dunn Scholarship Ft Thomas    Advertiser Open
  MLB (Mike Ladd) Paducah    UFC 1978 Closed
  Moneymaker's (Social Club) Paducah    Card Room 09/01/2022 Open
  New Concept I Louisville    UFC Closed
  Newport Beach Newport    Charity Closed
  Newport Racing & Gaming Newport    Land Based 10/02/2020 Open
  Nineteen Club Newport    Illegal Closed
  O - See Orr's Cafe - Covington, Kentucky
  Oak Grove Racing Gaming & Hotel Oak Grove    Racino 09/18/2020 Open
  Old Crow - See Jim Beam - Clermont, Kentucky
  Old Grand Dad Whiskey - See Jim Beam - Clermont, Kentucky
  Old Tub - See Jim Beam - Clermont, Kentucky
  Orr's Cafe Covington    Illegal Closed
  P&B (Sam Presley) Calvert City    UFC Closed
  Paddock Club Owensborough    Illegal 06/20/1939 Closed
  Parry's Casino Rineyville    Home Poker Set Fantasy
  PC - See Pendennis Club - Louisville, Kentucky
  PC - See Plantation Club - Louisville, Kentucky
  PC / 709 - See Press Club - Covington, Kentucky
  Pee Wee's Palace Crescent Springs    Food & Beverage Open
  Pendennis Club Louisville    Illegal Closed
  Plantation Club Louisville    Illegal Closed
  Postime Billiards Henderson    Illegal 1941 1950s Closed
  Press Club Covington    Illegal Closed
  Primrose Country Club Newport    Illegal Closed
  Probus's Louisville    Illegal Closed
  Red Mile Lexington    Racino Open
  RIC (Roger Clark) Louisville    UFC Closed
  Riviera Newport    Illegal Closed
  Roi-Tan Club Louisville    Illegal Closed
  Rose Valley/Echo Springs ( S. Grabfelder & Co.) Louisville    Food & Beverage 1880 1919 Closed
  Roy Baldwin Louisville    Personal Chip Open
  Royal Social Club, The London    Card Room 2023 Open
  RV - See Club Rio Vista - Owensboro, Kentucky
  Saddle Club Fort Mitchell    UFC c1960 Yes Closed
  Sandwich Shoppe Newport    Illegal Closed
  Saratoga Club Newport    Illegal Closed
  Shakey's Pub and Grub Florence    Dining & Entertainment Unknown
  Silver Slipper Newport    Illegal Closed
  Snax Bar Newport    Illegal Closed
  Spinning Wheel Tavern Morning View    Dining & Entertainment Unknown
  Sports Bar Louisville    Illegal Closed
  SS - See Sandwich Shoppe - Newport, Kentucky
  Stardust Newport    Illegal 1956 1961 Closed
  Stoner Creek Country Club Paris    Illegal Closed
  Surf Club Newport    Illegal Closed
  Sycamore Cafe Louisville    Illegal 1941 Closed
  Syndicate, The Newport    Dining & Entertainment Open
  Tin Shack Covington    Illegal Closed
  Town House Cafe Erlanger    Illegal Closed
  Toy Tiger, The Louisville    Home Poker Set 1973 1999 Closed
  Tri-State Social Henderson    Card Room 09/05/2022 Open
  Triple Barrel Social Franklin    Card Room 03/03/2023 Open
  Triple Crown Country Club Union    Golf Club Open
  Turfway Park Racing & Gaming Florence    Racino 09/01/2022 Open
  U.S. Explosive Storage Bardstown    Advertiser Open
  Van Brook of Lexington Lexington    Manufacturer Unknown
  VJ (in star) - See Kentucky Hotel - Louisville, Kentucky
  Walker's Tavern Henderson    Illegal 1945 Closed
  Wayne Thompson Louisville    Personal Chip Open
  WBW - See Walker's Tavern - Henderson, Kentucky
  WI - See Woodland Inn - Walton, Kentucky
  Woodland Inn Walton    Illegal 1958 1962 Closed
  WSY - See Paddock Club - Owensborough, Kentucky
  Y - See Yorkshire Club - Newport, Kentucky
  YC - See Yorkshire Club - Newport, Kentucky
  Yorkshire Club Newport    Illegal c. 1938 1950s Closed
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