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Atlantic City Casino Chip catalog numbers (Black #'s) are used by express permission of Archie Black.
  Casinos and Non-Casinos City   Type Opened Closed Status SO  Website
  (bridge) - See Riviera (Ben Marden's) - Fort Lee, New Jersey
  (building) - See Riviera (Ben Marden's) - Fort Lee, New Jersey
  (horseshoe) Plain    UFC Closed
  500 Club Atlantic City    Illegal 1930 1973 Closed
  A.C.D.C. Gaming School (Atlantic City Dice & Cards Gaming) Atlantic City    Dealer School Unknown
  ACH Atlantic City    Land Based Closed
  ACTA (Atlantic City Training Academy) Atlantic City    Dealer School 2012 Closed
  AD (William Brown) Newark    UFC Closed
  AGE (American Gaming and Electronics Inc.) Hammonton    Manufacturer Open
  American Legion Post 0069 Carlstadt    Fraternal Open
  Archie and Brenda Black Brick    Personal Chip Open
  Atlantic City Atlantic City    UFC Unknown
  Atlantic City Boardwalk Lounge Cafe Atlantic City    Fantasy Never Opened
  Atlantic City Casino Collectibles Club Atlantic City    CC&GTCC 1994 Open
  Atlantic City Country Club Atlantic City    Charity Open
  Atlantic City Drawin' the Wild Card Tattoo Expo Atlantic City    Advertiser 2001 Open
  Atlantic City Hilton Atlantic City    Land Based 1996 2012 Closed
  Atlantic City Hotel Casino Atlantic City    Non-Casino Never Opened
  Atlantic Club Casino Hotel Atlantic City    Land Based 02/07/2012 01/13/2014 Closed
  Atlantis Atlantic City    Land Based 04/1984 05/22/1989 Closed
  B&T - See Bath & Turf Club - Atlantic City, New Jersey
  Babette's Club Atlantic City    Illegal 1920 Yes Closed
  Bally's (Park Place) (Wild Wild West) Atlantic City    Land Based 12/29/1979 Open
  Bally's Grand Atlantic City    Land Based 1986 1996 Closed
  Barry Hauptman Saddle Brook    Personal Chip Open
  Bath & Turf Club Atlantic City    Illegal 1940 1958 Closed
  Benihana Hotel & Casino Atlantic City    Land Based Never Opened
  Bill Romano River Vale    Personal Chip 2010 Closed
  Boardwalk Casino Atlantic City    Fantasy Never Opened
  Boardwalk Casino Sea Isle City    Non-Casino 10/31/2012 Closed
  Boardwalk Regency (Caesars) Atlantic City    Land Based 06/25/1979 1987 Closed
  Bob Mera Atlantic City    Personal Chip 09/15/1950 12/15/1999 Closed
  Borgata Atlantic City    Land Based 07/02/2003 Open
  BPOE Elks 0233 Red Bank    Fraternal 1892 Open
  BPOE Elks 0293 Camden    Fraternal 1895 Closed
  BPOE Elks 1432 Lakewood    Fraternal 1922 Open
  BPOE Elks 1454 Freehold    Fraternal 1922 Open
  BPOE Elks 1488 Middlesex    Fraternal 1924 Open
  Brighton, The Atlantic City    Land Based 08/31/1980 05/1981 Closed
  Caesars Atlantic City    Land Based 6/ 26/79 Open
  Camelot Marina Casino Atlantic City    Land Based 1983 Never Opened
  Cape May Lewes Ferry Cape May    Transportation Open
  Carteret Club Trenton    Fraternal 1909 1957 Closed
  Casino Career Institute Atlantic City    Dealer School Open
  Casino Dealers School/CDS Atlantic City    Dealer School 1986 07/2001 Closed
  Casino Gaming Institute Pleasantville    Dealer School Open
  Casino Gaming Schools, Inc. Atlantic City    Dealer School 1980s Yes Closed
  CC (in square) - See Sciamanna Cafe - Camden, New Jersey
  Claridge Atlantic City    Land Based 07/20/1981 12/30/2002 Closed
  Claridge Hi Ho, Dell Webb's Atlantic City    Land Based 07/20/1981 Closed
  Clicquot Club Atlantic City    Illegal 1920s Yes Closed
  Club Harlem Atlantic City    Illegal 1935 1980s Closed
  Club Paradise Atlantic City    Illegal Closed
  CNBC Englewood Cliffs    Dining & Entertainment Open
  CSI - See Casino Gaming Schools, Inc. - Atlantic City, New Jersey
  Dana Perfumes Saddle Brook    Advertiser Closed
  Danny Green Memorial Golf Outting Deptford    Golf Club Open
  Dave Trevett Port Monmouth    Personal Chip Open
  Doug Balduini Haledon    Personal Chip Open
  ECG&E (East Coast Gaming & Equipment) Atlantic City    Dealer School Closed
  Executive Game, The    Home Poker Set Fantasy
  Fantasy Island Beach Haven    Dining & Entertainment Never Opened
  Flagship, The Atlantic City    Advertiser Unknown
  Franklin Steak House & Tavern Nutley    Dining & Entertainment Open
  GAF Parsippany    Advertiser Open
  Golden Nugget (Wynn) Atlantic City    Land Based 12/09/1980 1986 Closed
  Golden Nugget Atlantic City (Landry) Atlantic City    Land Based 05/24/2011 Open
  Golf Vacation Insider Short Hills    Golf Club Open
  Grace's Little Belmont Atlantic City    Illegal 1930s 1970s Closed
  Greater NJ St. Packrick's Day Parade    Advertiser Closed
  Hagenbeck Wallace Circus Newark    Illegal 1932 Closed
  Hard 8 Atlantic City    Movie Prop Closed
  Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City    Land Based 06/28/2018 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Atlantic County Galloway    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Barb's Mt. Ephriam    Harley Davidson 1986 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Bergen County Rochelle Park    Harley Davidson 1975 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Garden State Morris Plains    Harley Davidson 6/2013 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Hannum's Rahway    Harley Davidson 2016 2022 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Liberty Rahway    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Long Branch Long Branch    Harley Davidson 1972 2015 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Millville Millville    Harley Davidson 1975 2010 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Ocean County Lakewood    Harley Davidson 07/2022 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Shoreline Long Branch    Harley Davidson 2015 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Tramontin Hope    Harley Davidson 10/2019 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Williams Lebanon    Harley Davidson Open
  Harrah's (Marina) Atlantic City    Land Based 11/22/1980 Open
  Harrah's Trump Plaza Atlantic City    Land Based 05/22/1984 1986 Closed
  Hilton Atlantic City Atlantic City    Land Based No Never Opened
  Holiday Inn Atlantic City    Land Based No Never Opened
  Hollywood Atlantic City    Land Based Never Opened
  Hollywood Cafe & Go Go West Orange    Dining & Entertainment Closed
  Horn, Kaplan, Goldberg, Gorny & Daniels Atlantic City    Advertiser 2001 Open
  House of Hanover (Rich Hanover) Brick    Personal Chip Open
  HWC - See Hagenbeck Wallace Circus - Newark, New Jersey
  Iannella Landscaping & Paving New Providence    Advertiser Closed
  John Chopek Millville    Personal Chip Open
  JR (Duke Riley) Elizabeth    UFC Closed
  K of C 12868 Egg Harbor Township    Fraternal Open
  K of C 3630 North Bergen    Fraternal Open
  K of C 5427 Mother Seton Township of Washington    Fraternal Open
  Lakewood Club Allenhurst    Illegal 1938 Closed
  Le Bistro Atlantic City    Illegal 1940s 1960s Closed
  Lembeck & Betz Eagle Brewing Company Jersey City    Food & Beverage 1869 Yes Closed
  Lin Weisenstein Wayne    Personal Chip Open
  M (Benny Miller) Irvington    UFC Closed
  MA (William Brown)    UFC 1935 Yes Closed
  McGuire Air Force Base, NCO Club McGuire AFB    Military Closed
  MH (William Brown) Newark    UFC 1935 Closed
  MJF - See Smoke Shop - South River, New Jersey
  Mother Tucker's Atco    Dining & Entertainment 1976 1977 Closed
  New Jersey State Council of Carpenters    Advertiser Closed
  New York Club Long Branch    Illegal Closed
  NJAWBO (NJ Assn. of Women Business Owners) Princeton Junction    Social Club Open
  NYC - See New York Club - Long Branch, New Jersey
  NYC (H.E. Drake) Newark    UFC Closed
  Ocean County Coin Club Toms River    Social Club 1970 Open
  Ocean Reef Club Sea Bright    Home Poker Set Unknown
  Ocean Resort Casino Atlantic City    Land Based 06/27/2018 Open
  OE (Nat Rosello) Newark    UFC Closed
  Paradise Club (or Cafe) Atlantic City    Illegal 1920s 1960s Closed
  Park Place Atlantic City    Home Poker Set Closed
  Park Place Hotel - See Bally's (Park Place) (Wild Wild West) - Atlantic City, New Jersey
  PE - See Playboy - Atlantic City, New Jersey
  Penthouse Atlantic City    Land Based Never Opened
  Playboy Atlantic City    Land Based 04/14/1981 04/1984 Closed
  Pokerstars Professional Jackson    Personal Chip Open
  Professional Dealers Gaming School Pleasantville    Dealer School Unknown
  Purity, Body, Flavor (Ballentine Beer) Newark    Food & Beverage 1840 1980s Closed
  RDC Margate    Dealer School Unknown
  Regent Casino Equipment W. Berlin    Manufacturer Closed
  Regent Huxley Atlantic City    Manufacturer 2012 Closed
  Resorts International Atlantic City    Land Based 05/26/1978 Open
  Revel Atlantic City    Land Based 04/02/2012 09/02/2014 Closed
  RF - See Ross Fenton Farm - Asbury Park, New Jersey
  Richard Brach Fanwood    Personal Chip 1939 Open
  Riviera (Ben Marden's) Fort Lee    Illegal 1930 1953 Closed
  RJE (Russell J. Evans) Browns Mills    UFC Closed
  Roger's Boardwalk Video Casino Atlantic City    Non-Casino Closed
  Ron Anderson Whiting    Personal Chip Open
  Ross Fenton Farm Asbury Park    Illegal 1934 Yes Closed
  Running Deer Golf Club Pittsgrove    Golf Club Open
  Sands Atlantic City    Land Based 08/13/1980 11/11/2006 Closed
  Sciamanna Cafe Camden    Illegal Closed
  Showboat Atlantic City    Land Based 03/30/1987 08/31/2014 Closed
  Simm's Video Casino Ocean City    Non-Casino 1914 1982 Closed
  Smoke Shop South River    Illegal Closed
  Sonny's & Rickey's Choice of Stand Seaside Heights    Other 1973 Unknown
  St. Nicholas of Tolentine Atlantic City    Advertiser Unknown
  Steve Miller Emerson    Personal Chip Open
  Susan Castaneda Saddle Brook    Personal Chip Open
  TCS John Huxley Atlantic City    Manufacturer Closed
  TD - See Tumbling Dice - Vincentown, New Jersey
  Theodore A. Kleffmann Ass'n, Inc. North Bergen    Social Club 1940s 1940s Closed
  TLD (Tony Smith) Newark    UFC Closed
  Tom Mgerack Wayne    Personal Chip Open
  Tourism Development Council of N.J. Trenton    Other 1970 Yes Closed
  Tropicana Atlantic City    Land Based 11/23/1981 Open
  TropWorld Atlantic City    Land Based 09/26/1988 07/04/1996 Closed
  Trump Entertainment Resorts (Trump One) Atlantic City    Casino Mgmt Open
  Trump Marina Atlantic City    Land Based 07/1997 05/24/2011 Closed
  Trump Plaza Atlantic City    Land Based 05/15/1984 09/16/2014 Closed
  Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City    Land Based 04/02/1990 10/10/2016 Closed
  Trump World's Fair Casino Atlantic City    Land Based 05/15/1996 10/03/1999 Closed
  Trump's Castle Atlantic City    Land Based 06/17/1985 06/1997 Closed
  Tumbling Dice Vincentown    Other Open
  Tuna Club Atlantic City    Illegal 1936 1984 Closed
  WHF (William Brown) Newark    UFC Closed
  William Hill New Jersey Atlantic City    Land Based 06/28/2018 Open
  Wonder Bar Atlantic City    Non-Casino Open
  XYZ - See Lakewood Club - Allenhurst, New Jersey
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