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ChipGuide - A Catalog of Casino Chips and Collectibles (DEVELOPMENT)

Casino Type
Slots Only Alias
285 Casinos Found

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  Casinos and Non-Casinos City   Type Opened Closed Status SO  Website
  (anchor) The Club - See Anchor Club - John Day, Oregon
  (Artichoke in shield) Portland    Non-Casino Closed
  (denom between arrows) Gary Kaer Portland    UFC Closed
  (steer head) - See Alder Tavern - Portland, Oregon
  49 Club Portland    Illegal Closed
  86 Club - See Corral Club - Redmond, Oregon
  86 Tavern Lebanon    Illegal Closed
  A / L - See Brown's Cafe - Medford, Oregon
  AB in circle (Walter Brown) Portland    Card Room Closed
  AC (intertwined) - See Arlington Club - Portland, Oregon
  ACC - See Club, The - Warrenton, Oregon
  Ace of Spades Players Club Portland    Card Room Closed
  ACES - See Aces Players Club - Portland, Oregon
  Aces Players Club Portland    Card Room 2010 Closed
  Acres Gaming Corvallis    Manufacturer 2003 Closed
  Aero Club of Oregon Portland    Card Room 1984 Closed
  AL (Al Frickey) North Bend    UFC Closed
  Alder Tavern Portland    Card Room 1964 1970s Closed
  Ales Public House Newport    Card Room 1988 2005 Closed
  American Legion Post 0012 Astoria    Fraternal Open
  American Legion Post 5005    Fantasy Fantasy
  Anchor Club John Day    Illegal Closed
  Apollo's Newport    Card Room 2005 Closed
  ARE Albany    UFC Closed
  Arlington Club Portland    Card Room 1930s Closed
  AWA Portland    Card Room Closed
  B & F Klamath Falls    Card Room 1961 1963 Closed
  B & R - See Stockman's Resturant & Hotel - Halfway, Oregon
  B&B Card Room Oceanlake    Card Room Closed
  B.B.H. Salem    Card Room Closed
  Balboa Club Portland    Illegal Closed
  Baldy Hall Gold Beach    Card Room 1974 Closed
  Bar B Burns    Card Room Closed
  Barge Inn Newport    Card Room 1980s 1990s Closed
  BB - See Ben's Bar - Portland, Oregon
  BD / LB - See Liberty Grill - Astoria, Oregon
  Bee Hive Tavern Coos Bay    Card Room 1973 Closed
  Ben's Bar Portland    Card Room 1985 Closed
  BH (Bill Hart) Baker City    Card Room Closed
  BHT - See Hooker's Tavern - Pendleton, Oregon
  Bingomania Game Eugene    Bingo Parlor 08/14/2002 Closed
  BJ Portland    Card Room Closed
  Black Butte Ranch Hotel & Casino Sisters    Home Poker Set Fantasy
  Blitz Weinhard Portland    Food & Beverage Closed
  Blue Goose Tavern Portland    Food & Beverage Unknown
  Blue Moon Coos Bay    Card Room 1979 Closed
  Blue Ox Klamath Falls    Card Room Closed
  Blue Ox Tavern Klamath Falls    Card Room 1980s Closed
  BNB Creswell    Card Room Closed
  BO Club Newport    Card Room 1983 Closed
  Bob Archer's Rialto Portland    Card Room Closed
  Booster Club Portland    Illegal Closed
  BPOE Elks 0142 Portland    Fraternal 1889 Open
  BPOE Elks 0180 Astoria    Fraternal 1890 Open
  BPOE Elks 0288 Pendleton    Fraternal 1894 Closed
  BPOE Elks 0336 Salem    Fraternal 1896 Open
  BPOE Elks 0338 Baker City    Fraternal 1896 Open
  BPOE Elks 0357 Eugene    Fraternal 1897 Open
  BPOE Elks 0359 Albany    Fraternal 1897 2004 Closed
  BPOE Elks 1168 Medford    Fraternal 1909 Closed
  BPOE Elks 1189 Oregon City    Fraternal 1910 Open
  BPOE Elks 1247 Klamath Falls    Fraternal 1911 Open
  BPOE Elks 1283 McMinnville    Fraternal 1912 Open
  BPOE Elks 1371 Bend    Fraternal 1919 Open
  BPOE Elks 1413 Corvallis    Fraternal 1921 Open
  BPOE Elks 1437 Tillamook    Fraternal 1922 Open
  BPOE Elks 1507 Hood River    Fraternal 1925 Open
  BPOE Elks 1690 Ontario    Fraternal 1946 Open
  BPOE Elks 1748 Seaside    Fraternal 1948 Open
  BPOE Elks 1805 Gresham    Fraternal 1950 Open
  BPOE Elks 1814 Prineville    Fraternal 1950 Open
  BPOE Elks 1845 Hermiston    Fraternal 1951 Yes Closed
  BPOE Elks 1862 Hillsboro    Fraternal 1952 Closed
  BPOE Elks 1886 Lincoln    Fraternal 1953 Closed
  BPOE Elks 1904 Cottage Grove    Fraternal 1953 Closed
  BPOE Elks 2032 Milwaukie    Fraternal 1957 Closed
  BPOE Elks 2145 Springfield    Fraternal 1959 Open
  BPOE Elks 2342 Sherwood    Fraternal 1966 Open
  BPOE Elks 2411 Portland    Fraternal 1969 Open
  BPOE Elks 2441 Portland    Fraternal 1970 1993 Closed
  BPOE Elks 2472 Keizer    Fraternal 1971 Open
  BPOE Elks 2590 Redmond    Fraternal 1979 04/01/2004 Closed
  Brown's Cafe Medford    Illegal Closed
  Burning Stump, The Albany    Card Room Closed
  C-B Portland    UFC 1942 Closed
  C-N - See Crow's Nest - Depoe Bay, Oregon
  CA B (CA Bump) Portland    Card Room 1970s Closed
  Carl/Mary - See Blue Moon - Coos Bay, Oregon
  CC (in square) - See Club Center - John Day, Oregon
  CCC - See Copper Kitchen - Klamath Falls, Oregon
  CCS / PAN - See Choates Cigar Store - La Grande, Oregon
  CEG (C E Gingrick) McMinnville    Card Room 1981 Closed
  Central Pastime Burns    Card Room Closed
  Chinook Winds Lincoln City    Indian May-95 No Open
  Choates Cigar Store La Grande    Illegal 1947 Closed
  CHT - See Pastime Club - Freewater, Oregon
  CKC / (duck) - See Waddie's - Portland, Oregon
  Club Center John Day    Illegal Closed
  Club, The Warrenton    Card Room 1947 Closed
  COC Oregon City    Personal Chip Closed
  Copper Kitchen Klamath Falls    Card Room 1990 Closed
  Corral Club Redmond    Card Room Closed
  Cow Creek Indian Gaming Canyonville    Indian Apr-92 08/03/96 Closed
  Cozy Billiard Parlor Pendelton    Illegal Closed
  CP (J. E. Gill Co.) Portland    Card Room Closed
  CR - See Crossroads Inn - La Pine, Oregon
  CRIS (Cris Perkins) Bandon    UFC 1989 Closed
  Crossroads Inn La Pine    Card Room 07/07/1982 Yes Closed
  Crow's Nest Depoe Bay    Illegal Closed
  Crow's Nest Gold Beach    Card Room 1970s Closed
  D (in Wreath) - See Dutch Mill Restaurant - Tillamook, Oregon
  D&W - See Harvey's Tavern - Boring, Oregon
  Davis Cup 2007 Tennis Final Portland    Personal Chip Closed
  DCE Portland    UFC 1971 Yes Closed
  Diamond Poker Club, The Albany    Card Room Open
  Diss Stop Inn Rainier    Card Room 1987 Closed
  DOC Coquille    UFC Closed
  DON - See Blue Ox Tavern - Klamath Falls, Oregon
  Duck Inn Neilson    Card Room 1950s Closed
  Duke / P Portland    UFC Closed
  Dutch Mill Restaurant Tillamook    Illegal Closed
  DYVA Portland    Card Room 1968 Closed
  Eagle, The Klamath Falls    Card Room 1930s 1990s Closed
  Eagle, The Klamath Falls    Card Room 1930s 1990s Closed
  Earl / Lois Portland    UFC Unknown
  Ed Green (WCP) Salem    Card Room Closed
  EG (Earl Gravelle) Coos Bay    Card Room 1970s 1980s Closed
  Encore Club Portland    Card Room 2013 Closed
  EWF (EW Frey) Salem    Card Room 1973 Closed
  F<>E - See Fred's Tavern - Richmond, Oregon
  FB - See Pastime - Baker, Oregon
  Fern Lounge & Restaurant Tillamook    Card Room 1980s Closed
  Fifty Fifty - See Baldy Hall - Gold Beach, Oregon
  Final Table Poker Club Portland    Land Based Open
  Fire Side Shady Cove    UFC 1974 Closed
  Five Bear Gaming Coos Bay    Indian Closed
  Flame, The Redmond    Illegal c1950 Closed
  Flounder Inn Tavern Waldport    Card Room 1988 Closed
  FM (Frank Matula) Portland    Card Room 1975 Closed
  FOE 0004 Portland    Fraternal Open
  FOE 1943 Myrtle Creek    Fraternal Closed
  FOE 2126 Dalles    Fraternal Open
  Fourth Ave Card Room Portland    Card Room 1945 1957 Closed
  Fred's Tavern Richmond    Card Room Closed
  Full House Poker Eugene    Card Room Open
  G. A. Club Coos Bay    Card Room 1970s Closed
  GB (Glenn Burlson) Portland    UFC 1977 Closed
  GEP - See Safari Club - Estacada, Oregon
  GK Portland    UFC 1988 Yes Closed
  Glen Vista Club Bend    Illegal Closed
  Glendoveer Golf Club Portland    Golf Club 1969 Open
  GOP (Geo. Olman) Portland    Card Room Closed
  GTW (Geo. Wilson) Newberg    Card Room Closed
  Gun Store Klamath Falls    Card Room Closed
  GW (Bernie Rosenstein) Portland    UFC Closed
  H M (Dick Burnside) Foster    UFC 1948 Yes Closed
  Happy Canyon - See Pendleton Round-Up - Pendleton, Oregon
  Harbor House Brookings    Card Room 1974 Closed
  Harding - See Mike Harding - Portland, Oregon
  Harley-Davidson - D & S Medford    Harley Davidson 1974 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Highway 101 Coos Bay    Harley Davidson 1994 12/2020 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Latus Motors Eugene    Harley Davidson 06/2018 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Latus Motors Gladstone    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Paradise Tigard    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - PDX Speed Shop Portland    Harley Davidson 03-2016 10/2018 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Salem Salem    Harley Davidson 06/2021 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Timber Town Salem    Harley Davidson 06/2021 Open
  Harley-Davidson - WildHorse Bend    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Willamette Valley Eugene    Harley Davidson 06/2018 Open
  Harold's Portland    Card Room 1949 Closed
  Harvey's Tavern Boring    Card Room Closed
  HC - See Pendleton Round-Up - Pendleton, Oregon
  HCF Coos Bay    UFC Unknown
  HER - See Robbins Specialties - Portland, Oregon
  HERB - See Perry's Tavern - Carlton, Oregon
  HH (in circle) - See Harbor House - Brookings, Oregon
  HI - See Hubbard Inn - Roseburg, Oregon
  HLH - See Milton-Freewater Club - Milton-Freewater, Oregon
  Holdem Poker Chips Salem    Manufacturer c2010 Yes Closed
  Holland's Inn McMinnville    Card Room 1971 1981 Closed
  HONG KONG    Card Room Closed
  Hooker's Tavern Pendleton    Card Room 1967 Yes Closed
  Hotel Newport Newport    Card Room 1992 Yes Closed
  HTG - See Portland Card Company - Portland, Oregon
  Hubbard Inn Roseburg    Card Room 1979 1983 Closed
  Hudson - See Bee Hive Tavern - Coos Bay, Oregon
  IH Bend    UFC 1946 Closed
  Indian Head Casino Warm Springs    Indian 2014 Open
  Indian Head Gaming Center Warm Springs    Indian 05/1995 2002 Closed
  J Y (Juan Yong) Portland    Card Room Closed
  J&S (John Burns) Prairie    Card Room 1988 1990s Closed
  JA (Anita Brown) Coquille    Card Room Closed
  JAP (Jap Audrain) Redmond    UFC 1936 Closed
  JB Albany    Personal Chip 1990s Open
  JCP Sheridan    Card Room Closed
  JEFF (Jeff Wilcox) Portland    Card Room Closed
  JF - See Fern Lounge & Restaurant - Tillamook, Oregon
  JHS - See Johnnie's Place - Merrill, Oregon
  Jim Pearson (JCP) Sheridan    Card Room Closed
  JJ (Joe Harper) Scappoose    Card Room 1986 Closed
  JKH (Jim Hamilton) Portland    Card Room 1974 Closed
  JLO (Jim & Julie Overstreet) Weston    Card Room 1961 Closed
  JLY Portland    Card Room 1967 Closed
  Johnnie's Place Merrill    Illegal Closed
  Jokers Bar & Grill Bend    Advertiser Unknown
  JRD Waldport    UFC 1970s Closed
  JSC - See Ponderosa Club - North Bend, Oregon
  JWG ( J. Weinstein ) Portland    Personal Chip Closed
  K - See Klamath Billiards - Klamath Falls, Oregon
  K&N Club - See O'Connor - Portland, Oregon
  Kah-Nee-Ta Casino Warm Springs    Indian Mid 2002 2014 Closed
  KB - See Klamath Billiards - Klamath Falls, Oregon
  Kelly's Olympian Portland    Illegal Closed
  Kla-Mo-Ya Casino Chiloquin    Indian 6/28/1997 Open
  Klamath Billiards Klamath Falls    Card Room 1940a 1960 Closed
  KO - See Kelly's Olympian - Portland, Oregon
  L & H - See Eagle, The - Klamath Falls, Oregon
  L De L John Day    UFC 1939 Closed
  L&G - See Lake & Garden Club - Oregon City, Oregon
  La Paloma Restaurant Ontario    Card Room Closed
  Lady Albany    Card Room Closed
  Lady Gay Tavern Albany    Card Room Closed
  Lake & Garden Club Oregon City    Illegal Closed
  LAT (Bernie Thompson) Portland    Card Room Closed
  LEW Vanport City    UFC Closed
  Liberty Grill Astoria    Illegal Closed
  LOOM Moose 0323 Redmond    Fraternal Open
  LOOM Moose PAP - See Portland Card Company - Portland, Oregon
  LOOM Moose 1037 Roseburg    Fraternal Closed
  LOOM Moose 1891 Portland    Fraternal Open
  LOOM Moose 5005 Portland    Fraternal Closed
  Lotus Club Portland    Card Room 1930s 1970s Closed
  LP - See La Paloma Restaurant - Ontario, Oregon
  LT Umatills    UFC 4/9/47 Closed
  MA (Mike Andrus) Springfield    Card Room 1992 Closed
  Maray's North Bend    Card Room 1973 Closed
  Marce Osa (BGEE) Burns    Card Room 1978 Closed
  Marquam Tavern Marquam    Illegal Closed
  MF Baker City    UFC 1994 Yes Closed
  MGM (Mike Molligaard) Salem    Card Room Closed
  Mike Harding Portland    Card Room 1976 1980s Closed
  Mike Quinlivan Bend    Personal Chip Open
  Mill Casino, The North Bend    Indian 5/19/1995 No Open
  Mill Town Tavern Silverton    Dining & Entertainment Open
  Milton-Freewater Club Milton-Freewater    Land Based 1993 Yes Closed
  MS - See Sam Terest - Portland, Oregon
  Muffins, The Portland    Card Room Closed
  MV Ontario    UFC Closed
  N M (Ned Minamoto) Beaverton    Personal Chip 1974 Yes Closed
  Nancy Olson Cedar Mill    Personal Chip Open
  Neady Rod & Gun Club Woodburn    Card Room 1954 Closed
  North Lake Physical Therapy Oregon City    Advertiser Open
  NRG - See Neady Rod & Gun Club - Woodburn, Oregon
  O'Connor Portland    Card Room 1934 1973 Closed
  Oasis Umatilla    Card Room 1995 Closed
  OK Corral Lakeview    Card Room Closed
  OK, The - See OK Corral - Lakeview, Oregon
  Old Camp Casino Burns    Indian 8/14/1998 Nov 2012 Closed
  Old Jeff C. Taylor's White Star Bourbon Portland    Advertiser Unknown
  Ontario Poker Room and Social Club Ontario    Card Room Open
  ORC (Oregon Rajneesh Casino) Pasco County    Fraternal 1980s Yes Closed
  Ore-Ida Gold Rush Ontario    Food & Beverage 1952 Open
  Oregon Blackjack Clatskanie    Card Room 1992 Closed
  Oregon Video Lottery    Land Based Open
  P (in wreaths) - See Pelican Club - Portland, Oregon
  Park A Way Tavern Grants Pass    Card Room Closed
  Pastime Baker    Card Room 1980s Closed
  Pastime Club Freewater    Illegal 1946 Closed
  PAW - See Park A Way Tavern - Grants Pass, Oregon
  Pay Pay Pay - See Flounder Inn Tavern - Waldport, Oregon
  Pelican Club Portland    Card Room Closed
  Pendleton Round-Up Pendleton    Charity 1910 Open
  Penguin Club Portland    Card Room Closed
  Perry's Tavern Carlton    Card Room Closed
  Perry's Tavern Newport    Card Room Closed
  Pheasant Cafe Hermiston    Card Room 1950 Closed
  Pine Cone (Bar & Casino) La Pine    Card Room 1982 1989 Closed
  Piptide Newport    Card Room 1980s Closed
  Plateau Travel Plaza Warm Springs    Indian 04/06/2018 Open
  Plaza Tavern Ontario    Card Room 1976 Closed
  Ponderosa Club North Bend    Illegal 1946 Closed
  Portland Card Company Portland    Manufacturer 11/01/2004 Closed
  Portland Meadows Portland    Racino 1945 Open
  Portsmouth Club Portland    Land Based ?? ?? Closed
  PPC - See Portland Card Company - Portland, Oregon
  Prong Horn Resort and Golf Club Bend    Golf Club Open
  R - See Rainbow Tavern - Reedsport, Oregon
  R & R (Ralph Bremer) Portland    Card Room Closed
  R / S - See Royal Cafe - Baker City, Oregon
  R&R Portland    UFC 1983 Yes Closed
  Rainbow Tavern Reedsport    Illegal Closed
  Recreation Newport    Card Room 1980s 1990s Closed
  Redmond Smoke & Gift Redmond    Non-Casino Closed
  Riverside Cafe Portland    Illegal 1940s Closed
  RKM - See Tropidara Rest. & Lounge - La Grande, Oregon
  Robbins Specialties Portland    Card Room Closed
  Rogue - See Ales Public House - Newport, Oregon
  Royal Cafe Baker City    Card Room 1980s Closed
  RR - See Blue Ox - Klamath Falls, Oregon
  RTM Portland    Card Room 1966 Closed
  S (in Wreath) - See Shilo Inn - Newport, Oregon
  Safari Club Estacada    Card Room Closed
  Sam Terest Portland    Card Room 1973 1980 Closed
  Sandbar Tavern Newport    Card Room 1970s Closed
  Santiam Golf Club Sublimity    Golf Club Open
  Sepia Club Oregon City    Card Room Closed
  Seven Feathers Casino Canyonville    Indian 8/3/1996 No Open
  SH - See Dutch Mill Restaurant - Tillamook, Oregon
  Sheehan Bros Pendleton    Card Room 1910s 1930s Closed
  Shilo Inn Newport    Card Room 1980 1992 Closed
  SHL Brookings    Card Room 1980s Closed
  Smoke Shop Salem    Card Room 1965 1967 Closed
  Smuggler's Cove Newport    Card Room 1980s 1990s Closed
  Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Ronde    Indian 10/18/1995 No Open
  Spray Pastime Spray    Card Room Closed
  Stockman's Resturant & Hotel Halfway    Card Room 1950s 1960s Closed
  Stockmen's Club - See Alder Tavern - Portland, Oregon
  Sunset Inn Gold Beach    Card Room Closed
  T & D - See Terry Bignell - Oregon City, Oregon
  T in Wreath Portland    Non-Casino Closed
  T&L Redmond    Card Room Closed
  Talent Pool Hall Talent    Illegal 1946 Closed
  TCC - See Tualatin Country Club - Tualatin, Oregon
  TD Coos Bay    UFC Closed
  Teach's bay Park, Coos Bay    Illegal 1978 Closed
  Temple Hotel Pendleton    Card Room Closed
  Terry Bignell Oregon City    UFC Closed
  TH - See Temple Hotel - Pendleton, Oregon
  Three Rivers Casino Coos Bay    Indian 05/13/2015 Open
  Three Rivers Casino Florence    Indian 6/21/2004 Open
  Tony's Place Dallas    Dining & Entertainment Open
  TOT Portland    Card Room 1969 Closed
  TPH - See Talent Pool Hall - Talent, Oregon
  Tropidara Rest. & Lounge La Grande    Card Room 1988 Closed
  Tualatin Country Club Tualatin    Card Room Closed
  Unicorn Empire Coos Bay    Card Room Closed
  Uptown Pub Newport    Dining & Entertainment Open
  VE Portland    UFC 1946 Closed
  VETS Club - See VFW 3437 - Sweet Home, Oregon
  VFW 3437 Sweet Home    Fraternal Open
  Victory House Tillamook    Card Room 1979 1980s Closed
  VIP's Restaurant Salem    Food & Beverage 1968 1988 Closed
  VJK Prairie City    UFC 1952 Closed
  VLM Woodburn    Card Room Closed
  Waddie's Portland    Card Room 1974 Closed
  Wagon Wheel Tavern Mt Vernon    Card Room 1975 Closed
  WAM Eugene    Card Room 1977 Closed
  Water Hole No 1 Unity    Card Room Closed
  WER - See Glen Vista Club - Bend, Oregon
  Wildhorse Casino Pendleton    Indian 3/10/1995 No Open
  WM (J Jones) Portland    Card Room 1973 Closed
  Woodpecker Inn, Yvonne & Bob Heppner    Hotel & Motel Closed
  Wrangler Saloon Newport    Card Room 1981 1987 Closed
  WS - See Wrangler Saloon - Newport, Oregon
  WWW - See Glendoveer Golf Club - Portland, Oregon
  YF - See Barge Inn - Newport, Oregon
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