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ChipGuide - A Catalog of Casino Chips and Collectibles (DEVELOPMENT)
These chips promote candi, CC&GTCC and Club Member Related Chips

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Casino Money
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CG017757 Current
Last Update: 2018-01-20
Color: Green
Inserts: 4 Split-Wh
Mold: Plain
Inlay: OR-White
Contributed by: Greg Susong
CG017833 Current
Last Update: 2018-03-18
Color: Yellow
Mold: Plain
Inlay: Satin
Contributed by: Greg Susong
CG278931 Current
Added: 2022-02-05
Color: Black
Inserts: 6 Split-Yellow
Mold: Plain
Inlay: OR-White/White/Blue
Contributed by: Jim Follis

Campaign Chip, 2022 Vice Presidential Election.
CG243346 Current
Issued: 2005
Added: 2020-06-09
Color: Orange
Mold: Plain
Inlay: OR-Lt Blue
Logo: Scroll
Contributed by: Charles Kaplan

Board of Directors, CC&GTCC, Re-ELect: Mike Skelton, Wayne Thompson, Mike Quinlivan, Belinda Hixon, Ralph Myers. Election 2005.
CG019076 Current
Issued: 2007
Last Update: 2018-01-20
Color: Red
Inserts: 4 Split-Wh
Mold: Plain
Inlay: OR-White

Personal: Red Inserts
Contributed by: Greg Susong

CG019076 Side 2 - Red Inserts - Shown
CG019078 Side 2 - Black Inserts
CG019077 Side 2 - Green inserts
CG019079 Side 2 - Orange Inserts

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