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ChipGuide - A Catalog of Casino Chips and Collectibles (DEVELOPMENT)

ChipGuide's My Collection Information

My Collection
My Collection is a feature of the ChipGuide that is only available to ChipGuide members when they are logged on. You are not logged on, click to LOGON.

My Collection allows members to easily track and share ChipGuide items on their:
  • •   MC - My Collection list,
  • •   TL - Trade List,
  • •   WL - Want List, and
  • •   TT - Top 10 List
Getting Started
  1. Become a Member of the ChipGuide
  2. Logon to the ChipGuide
  3. Add items to My Collection, Want and Trade Lists
  4. Authorize who may view your lists
  5. View My Collection lists with ChipGuide Query (CGQuery)

ChipGuide Membership
ChipGuide membership is only available to Members of the CCA and the MoGH.
Click to access the CCA Membership page.
Click to access the MoGH Membership page.
Click to access the ChipGuide Membership page.

ChipGuide Logon
To logon to the ChipGuide with your USERID (email) and PASSWORD, click LOGON

Adding and Removing Items on My Collection Lists
When logged on, MC, TL, WL AND TT buttons will appear next to the ChipGuide# for every item on the ChipGuide. The buttons are initially RED, meaning that the item is NOT on the list. To add an item to a list, click a button and it will change colors to GREEN. To remove an item from a list, click a GREEN button and it will change colors back to RED. GREEN = on a list, RED = off the list.

Top 10 Lists
Members can maintain Top 10 lists of their favorite collectibles. Items on the lists are added and removed the same as other lists by clicking on the TT button. A seperate Top 10 list is maintained for each collectible item. You can see other's Top 10 lists by clicking Top 10's to 100!. Note: when you are viewing your own TOP 10 lists, UP and DOWN arrows will appear to allow you to order your items (move UP or DOWN) on the list.

Authorizing Others to View Your Lists
Your information is private. Unless you authorize others to see your lists, only you can view them. Authorization options:
  • •   Individually authorize access to each list - MC, TL and WL (not necessary for TT)
  • •   Authorize all ChipGuide members to view a list, or
  • •   Authorize individual ChipGuide members to view a list

When you are logged on, there is a List Authorization link in the Member Services section in the left hand column of the ChipGuide that allows you to set your viewing authorizations.

Viewing My Collection Lists
My Collection lists are viewed with ChipGuide Query (CGQuery). Only logged on ChipGuide members will have a LIST dropdown on the CGQuery page that lets them select the entire ChipGuide, their own My Collection lists, or My Collection Lists of others that they have been authorized to view. With CGQuery you can view an entire list or a list can be filtered using the dropdowns to view only a portion of a list. For example, if you want to see all the chips in your collection from Nevada, then:
  1. Select UNITED STATES from the REGION dropdown
  2. Select NEVADA from the STATE dropdown
  3. Select your MY COLLECTION list from the LIST dropdown
  4. Click on the QUERY button

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