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ChipGuide - A Catalog of Casino Chips and Collectibles (DEVELOPMENT)
ChipGuide Submission Form
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Submission Notes
If both sides of the chip are the same, then only send a scan of one side
If the sides of the chip are different, then send a scan of each side
Scans should be 200 to 600 DPI for best appearance, 300 DPI is recommended
Maximum upload file size is 2MB
When submitting a variation of an item already on the ChipGuide, provide the ChipGuide# and a description of the variation
Items Than Can Be Submitted
1) Casino and Poker Chips, regardless of how or where they were used
2) Items used as money in a casino - chips, tokens, TITO's, jetons, plaques, etc.
3) Gaming equipment from a casino - dice, playing cards, slot cards, etc. 
4) Collectible items from a casino/hotel with casino name, picture or logo - ashtrays, postcards, etc
ChipGuide Submission Policy
Images and descriptions of items not currently on the ChipGuide may be submitted for consideration to be added to the ChipGuide. The ChipGuide has a submission form for this purpose. Upon submission, permission is granted to the Museum of Gaming History to use the item on the ChipGuide and for other purposes. Submitters must own the images submitted or have permission to submit them. At the discretion of the ChipGuide, submitted items may or may not be used and may be edited to meet ChipGuide guidelines. Submitted items will not be returned. Images, as submitted, belong to the original owner. Images, once edited to meet ChipGuide guidelines, are the property of the ChipGuide.
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