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The Riverboat Gambling Act was enacted in February 1990, making Illinois the second state in the nation to legalize riverboat gambling. In September 1991, the first riverboat casino began operation in Alton. Currently, there are ten casinos operating throughout the State of Illinois.

The Video Gaming Act was enacted in July 2009, authorizing the placement of up to five Video Gaming Terminals (VGTs) in licensed Retail Establishments, Truck Stops, Veteran and Fraternal Establishments. The VGTs are all connected to and monitored by a Central Communications System.

The Illinois Gaming Board is a five-member board, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. The Board administers a regulatory and tax collection system for riverboat casino gambling and video gaming in Illinois.

The Board assures the integrity of riverboat gambling and video gaming through regulatory oversight of casino and video gaming operations; the licensing of suppliers to casinos and employees of casinos; and the licensing of video gaming manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, terminal operators, locations and individuals who service the VGTs.

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  Casinos and Non-Casinos City   Type Opened Closed Status SO  Website
  $1.00 - See Terrace Club - E. St. Louis, Illinois
  (bird) - See Thunderbird - E. Cape Girardeau, Illinois
  (concentric circles) - See O'Brien Tavern - Amboy, Illinois
  (denominations) - See Flamingo Club - Decatur, Illinois
  (Flame) Chicago    UFC 1954 Unknown
  (horseshoe) - See John Drew - Chicago, Illinois
  (horseshoe) Collinsville    UFC 1940s Closed
  (horseshoe) - See Terrace Club - E. St. Louis, Illinois
  (horseshoe) - See P. H. Cooley - St Charles, Illinois
  (horseshoe) in diamond - See Horseshoe Club - Chicago, Illinois
  (Indian head) - See Tinny's Silver Congo - LaSalle, Illinois
  (leaf) - See Colonial Club - Havana, Illinois
  (sailboat) Chicago    UFC Closed
  (shield) - See Forty Nine Club - Kankakee, Illinois
  (top hat) - See Topper's Key Club - Chicago, Illinois
  (Two Provinces) Chicago    Asian Card Room 1947 Closed
  107 (in diamond) - See Coney Island Restaurant - Decatur, Illinois
  110 W. Broadway Chicago    Illegal c1925 Yes Closed
  112 Club East Peoria    Illegal Closed
  128 North Main Decatur    Illegal Closed
  1626 Springfield    UFC Closed
  1st - See First National Bank of Chicago - Chicago, Illinois
  200 Enfiled    UFC 1941 Closed
  200 (T's) - See Annex, The - Madison, Illinois
  231 Benld    UFC Closed
  2957 W. Madison Chicago    Illegal Closed
  3 (Underlined) - See Thunderbird - E. Cape Girardeau, Illinois
  30C (in triangle) - See Triangle Club - Woodson, Illinois
  310 Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  353 Broadway East St. Louis    Illegal Late 1930s 1940s Closed
  39 Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  3939 (Ed Hidding) Chicago    UFC Closed
  3M Novelty Company Benld    UFC 2/25/1946 Closed
  400 Club - See Harry's New York Bar - Chicago, Illinois
  4020 Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  4021 Broadway Club Chicago    Illegal 1945 1940s? Closed
  411 S. Clark (Cheorng) (Hong Fong) Chicago    Illegal 1944 Closed
  44 Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  4721 - See Horseshoe Club - Chicago, Illinois
  4807 Club Cicero    Illegal 1949 Closed
  4811 Club Cicero    Illegal c1949 c1950 Closed
  4th Avenue Tap Rock Island    Illegal Closed
  542 W. Madison St Chicago    Illegal Closed
  612 North Michigan Chicago    Illegal Closed
  660 N. State St Chicago    Illegal Closed
  67 Club E. Cape Girardeau    Illegal 1940s 1954 Closed
  750 Club Chicago    Illegal 11/18/1939 Closed
  77 West Jackson Chicago    Illegal Closed
  8-1/2 Club Danville    Illegal Closed
  88 Club E. St. Louis    Illegal 1950 1962 Closed
  885 Club Chicago    Illegal 1920s 1951 Closed
  888 (John Davis) Danville    UFC Closed
  950 Club Chicago    Illegal 1939 Closed
  A - See Annetta Restaurant - Cicero, Illinois
  A&M - See Arends & Mann - Pekin, Illinois
  A.B. Casino Supply Chicago    Advertiser Closed
  Aaron Peacock Lafayette    Personal Chip 01/19/1965 02/16/2010 Closed
  AJ - See Coliseum - Benld, Illinois (A. J. Gallagher Insruance) Rolling Meadows    Advertiser Open
  Aladdin Speciality Company Chicago    Manufacturer c. 1930 Unknown
  Albert C Rollins Chicago    Personal Chip Open
  Alton Belle Alton    Riverboat 09/11/1991 06/1999 Closed
  Ambrosia Brewing Company Chicago    Food & Beverage 1937 1959 Closed
  American Place Casino Waukegan    Land Based 02/17/2023 Open
  Amvets Post 0617 Arrowsmith    Fraternal Open
  Annetta Restaurant Cicero    Illegal Closed
  Annex, The Madison    Illegal 4/8/1945 5/12/1950 Closed
  Arends & Mann Pekin    Illegal Closed
  Argosy Alton    Riverboat 1999 Open
  Argosy Gaming Company Alton    Casino Mgmt 1991 2004 Closed
  Arlington Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Arlington International Racecourse Arlington Heights    Racino 1927 Never Opened
  Aurelio's Pizza Homewood    Dining & Entertainment Open
  Austin Club Cicero    Illegal Closed
  AWB Chicago    UFC Unknown
  B Chicago    UFC 1926 Closed
  B&C - See Palace Club - Peoria, Illinois
  B&K - See White Court Tavern - Canton, Illinois
  B&L - See Becker and Long - Havana, Illinois
  B&O Cafe Springfield    Illegal Closed
  BAC - See Saratoga Club - Litchfield, Illinois
  Bally's Chicago Chicago    Land Based 9/9/2023 Open
  Bally's Quad Cities Rock Island    Land Based 9/17/2021 Open
  Barney's Pool Room Elgin    Illegal Closed
  Barton Club Cicero    Illegal Closed
  BC - See Barton Club - Cicero, Illinois
  BC (Asian script) - See Brothers Club - Cairo, Illinois
  BD - See Hi Ho Tavern - Benld, Illinois
  BD - See Smoke House - Havana, Illinois
  Becker and Long Havana    Illegal 1945 Closed
  BED (harp) - See B&O Cafe - Springfield, Illinois
  BED (T's)    Other Closed
  Bel - See Belvedere Cigar Store - Chicago, Illinois
  Belgium Club Belgium    Illegal Closed
  Belmont Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Belmont Club Moline    Illegal Closed
  Belvedere Cigar Store Chicago    Illegal 1937 Yes Closed
  Big Bill Neal Bensenville    Personal Chip Open
  Big Dog Casino Orland Park    Home Poker Set Closed
  Bill Lange Chicago    Personal Chip Open
  Biltmore Inn Ottawa    Illegal Closed
  Black Cat Billiards Effingham    Illegal Yes Closed
  BLB - See Esquire Tavern - Chicago, Illinois
  BMCC (golf clubs) Lincolnwood    Golf Club 1919 Open
  Bon Air Country Club Wheeling    Illegal 1936 Closed
  Bowman Equipment Co. Chicago    Advertiser Closed
  BPOE (Elk-clock) Chicago    Fraternal 1933 Closed
  BPOE (Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks) Chicago    Casino Mgmt Open
  BPOE Elks 0397 Monmouth    Fraternal 1897 Closed
  BPOE Elks 0493 Centralia    Fraternal 1899 Open
  BPOE Elks 0495 Mattoon    Fraternal 1899 Closed
  BPOE Elks 0556 Moline    Fraternal 1900 Closed
  BPOE Elks 0584 La Salle-Peru    Fraternal 1900 Closed
  BPOE Elks 0627 Kankakee    Fraternal 1901 Open
  BPOE Elks 0682 Jacksonville    Fraternal 1901 Open
  BPOE Elks 0702 Waukegan    Fraternal 1901 Closed
  BPOE Elks 0819 Mount Vernon    Fraternal 1902 Open
  BPOE Elks 0894 Galesburg    Fraternal 1904 Open
  BPOE Elks 0980 Rock Island    Fraternal 1905 Open
  BPOE Elks 1208 Lawrenceville    Fraternal 1910 Open
  BPOE Elks 1271 Pekin    Fraternal 1912 Open
  BPOE Elks 1316 Skokie    Fraternal 1915 Open
  BPOE Elks 1331 Blue Island    Fraternal 1916 1999 Closed
  BPOE Elks 1791 Watseka    Fraternal 1950 Open
  BPOE Elks 1882 McLeansboro    Fraternal 1953 Open
  Brook Club Greenville    Illegal 1940s Closed
  Brothers Club Cairo    Illegal 1930s 1930s Closed
  Brown Derby Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Brown's Havana    Illegal Closed
  BSC - See Buena Shore Club - Chicago, Illinois
  Buena Shore Club Chicago    Illegal 1920 1926 Closed
  Butkovich Tavern Wood River    Illegal Closed
  C (in clover) - See Colony Club - Chicago, Illinois
  C (in O) - See Owl Club - Calumet City, Illinois
  C / G - See Chris's Lounge - Chicago, Illinois
  Cadaco Chicago    Other 1/1/1935 Open
  CAFB (Chanute AFB) Chanute    Military 1917 1993 Closed
  Cafe Granada Chicago    Illegal 1928 Closed
  Carl Kroch Chicago    Non-Casino c1959 Yes Closed
  Casino Queen E. St. Louis    Riverboat 06/24/1993 Open
  Casino Rock Island Rock Island    Riverboat 3/11/1992 2008 Closed
  Casino, The Chicago    Illegal Closed
  CC - See Two Brothers - Cottage Hills, Illinois
  CC - See Countree Club - Springfield, Illinois
  CC (inside) - See Corker Club - Chicago, Illinois
  CC (intertwined) - See Chicago Club - Chicago, Illinois
  CCS Inc / CCS-Plastech Wheeling    Manufacturer 1972 Unknown
  CD - See Moonlight Gardens - Kankakee, Illinois
  CDW (Computer Discount Warehouse) Lincolnshire    Advertiser 1984 Open
  Century of Progress Chicago    Advertiser Closed
  Chandelle NCO Club Chanute    Military 1917 1993 Closed
  Chez Paree Chicago    Illegal 1932 1960s Closed
  Chicago - See Rockford Charitable Games Association - Rockford, Illinois
  Chicago Automobile Club Chicago    Illegal 1911 Closed
  Chicago Club Chicago    Illegal 1869 1930s Closed
  Chicago Cubs (Baseball Team) Chicago    Dining & Entertainment Open
  Chicago Poker Tour CPT Chicago    Other Open
  Chicago Press Club Chicago    Fraternal 01/11/1880 Yes Closed
  Chicago Star Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Chicago White Sox (Baseball Team) Chicago    Dining & Entertainment Open
  Chicago Yacht Club Chicago    Fraternal 1875 Open
  Chivet's Post No 4 Amvets Inc Cottage Hills    Fraternal Closed
  Chris's Lounge Chicago    Illegal 11/18/1939 Closed
  Chuck Tomarchio Joliet    Personal Chip Open
  Chuck Walgreen Wilmette    Non-Casino 1959 Yes Closed
  Circle Bar Pana    Illegal Closed
  CK - See Kohry's - Peru, Illinois
  Claremont Club Chicago    Illegal 1941 Closed
  Clinton Billiard Hall Clinton    Illegal Yes Closed
  Clover Club Peoria    Illegal Closed
  CLS (overlapped) - See Smoke Shop - Chicago, Illinois
  Club 100 Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Club 18 Cairo    Illegal 1960s 1960s Closed
  Club Alamo Alton    Illegal 1947 Closed
  Club Belvedere Springfield    Illegal Closed
  Club Cigar Store Danville    Illegal Closed
  Club Evans Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Club Gar Mea Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Club Pla-Mor Divernon    Illegal Closed
  Club Prevue Collinsville    Illegal 1950 1954 Closed
  Club Southland Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Club Winchester Olmstead    Illegal Closed
  CM - See Top Hat Club - Danville, Illinois
  CMH (Carl Hunter) Geneva    UFC Closed
  Coliseum Benld    Illegal Closed
  Colonial Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Colonial Club Havana    Illegal Yes Closed
  Colony Club Chicago    Illegal 1938 1941 Closed
  Colony Club E. Cape Girardeau    Illegal c.1932 1956 Closed
  Colony Club McClure    Illegal 1943 Closed
  Colosimo's Chicago    Illegal 1910 Closed
  Coney Island Restaurant Decatur    Illegal Yes Closed
  Congress Club Chicago    Illegal 1942 Closed
  Continent Club Chicago    Asian Card Room 1951 Closed
  Continental Club Springfield    Illegal 1942 Closed
  Corker Club Chicago    Illegal 12/1902 1935 Closed
  Countree Club Springfield    Illegal Closed
  CP - See Chez Paree - Chicago, Illinois
  CP - See Club Prevue - Collinsville, Illinois
  CPS (Chicago Charitable Games) Chicago    Charity Closed
  CR - See 750 Club - Chicago, Illinois
  CRM - See Morris's Tavern - Depue, Illinois
  Cummins Allison Mount Prospect    Manufacturer Open
  CW - See Club Winchester - Olmstead, Illinois
  D&D Club Chicago    Illegal 1936 Closed
  D&S Cigar Co Quincy    Illegal Closed
  D.J.'s Painting Bloomington    Advertiser Open
  Dandelles Billiard Hall (GD) Kankakee    Illegal 1-11-1932 Closed
  DAT (E. Brunner) Vincennes    UFC Closed
  DB Chatham    UFC 1946 Closed
  DB (Dean Bonnet) Havana    UFC 1940s c1953 Closed
  Deaner's House Of Book Chicago    Advertiser Closed
  Del-Shore Club Niles Center    Illegal 1939 Closed
  Dells Club Morton Grove    Illegal 1928 1934 Closed
  Dells, The - See Dells Club - Morton Grove, Illinois
  Delta Club E. Cape Girardeau    Illegal Closed
  Direct Order Center (Joe Rabito)    Personal Chip Open
  DO Savannah    UFC Closed
  Doc's Place Decatur    Illegal Closed
  Domino's Alton    Illegal Closed
  Down Town Club Chicago    Illegal 1920 1925 Closed
  Downtown Poker Club Kankakee    Illegal 1930s Closed
  DS - See Del-Shore Club - Niles Center, Illinois
  DTC - See Down Town Club - Chicago, Illinois
  Duck Inn Tavern E. Peoria    Illegal Closed
  E&K - See Empire Club - LaSalle, Illinois
  EB - See Eddie's Tavern - DePue, Illinois
  EC (intertwined) - See Empire Club - E. St. Louis, Illinois
  Eddie's Tavern DePue    Illegal Closed
  Eddy Glad's Place Joliet    Illegal 1959 Closed
  EE - See Club Cigar Store - Danville, Illinois
  EG - See Eddy Glad's Place - Joliet, Illinois
  El Mirador Cocktail Lounge LaSalle    Illegal 1940 1955 Closed
  El Morocco Cairo    Illegal 1949 Closed
  El Patio Club Cairo    Illegal 1948 Yes Closed
  El Patio Club Cicero    Illegal 1940 Closed
  ELM (7 S. Cicero Ave) Cicero    UFC Closed
  EM - See El Mirador Cocktail Lounge - LaSalle, Illinois
  Empire Club E. St. Louis    Illegal 1928 Yes Closed
  Empire Club LaSalle    Illegal 1928 Yes Closed
  Empire, The Peoria    Illegal 1930 Closed
  Empress Casino Joliet    Riverboat 06/16/1992 03/2009 Closed
  ENW - See Paramount Club - Centralia, Illinois
  EP - See El Patio Club - Cairo, Illinois
  EP - See 4th Avenue Tap - Rock Island, Illinois
  ES [in Square] (Ethel Scott) Chicago    UFC Yes Closed
  Esquire Club Glenview    Illegal 1941 Yes Closed
  Esquire Tavern Chicago    Illegal 1937 Yes Closed
  ET - See West Side Tavern - Mason City, Illinois
  F&F Club Cairo    Illegal Closed
  FB - See White Court Tavern - Canton, Illinois
  FC - See Frog City Club - Cairo, Illinois
  Ferris Bros. Chev & Buick O. K. Corral    Advertiser Closed
  First Avenue Club Maywood (Chicago)    Illegal 1928 Yes Closed
  First National Bank of Chicago Chicago    Advertiser Closed
  Five Dollars ($5.00) Chicago    UFC 1936 Yes Closed
  Flamingo Club Decatur    Illegal Closed
  Flamingo Slots Rockford    Land Based 12/12/2013 Closed
  FOE 3607 Chicago    Fraternal Unknown
  Forty Nine Club Kankakee    Illegal Closed
  Fredz Gold Bank Boulder Hill    Home Poker Set Closed
  Frog City Club Cairo    Illegal 1930s 1950s Closed
  Frolics Cicero    Illegal Closed
  FT / TF Cairo    UFC Unknown
  Fu Yuan Chicago    Asian Card Room Closed
  FWN - See Purple Grackle Club - Elgin, Illinois
  Gammons Lake Cottage Clinton    Illegal Closed
  Garden Club Chicago    Illegal 1927 Yes Closed
  Gary Smith North Aurora    Personal Chip Open
  GAS (George Augustus Stephens) Moline    UFC Closed
  GBP (Gertrude Blair Peacock) Chicago    Personal Chip 1922 Yes Closed
  GC (gate) - See Garden Club - Chicago, Illinois
  GCC (intertwined) - See Geneva Country Club - Chicago, Illinois
  GCM Savanna    UFC Unknown
  GCS (Ed Hiddings) Chicago    UFC Closed
  GD - See Dandelles Billiard Hall (GD) - Kankakee, Illinois
  Gebhart Tavern Pekin    Illegal Yes Closed
  Geneva Country Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  GES - See Doc's Place - Decatur, Illinois
  GG Chicago    UFC 1926 Closed
  GGC - See Golden Gate Club - Springfield, Illinois
  Glee Club E. Peoria    Illegal 1930s 1940s Closed
  GML - See Grayville Moose Lodge - Grayville, Illinois
  Golden Gate Club Springfield    Illegal Closed
  Golden Nugget Danville    Land Based 05/27/2023 Open
  Website Chicago    Advertiser Open
  Grand Recreation Club Waukegan    Illegal 1950s 1959 Closed
  Grand Victoria Elgin    Riverboat 10/6/1994 No Open
  Grayville Moose Lodge Grayville    Fraternal Closed
  Green Tavern Cairo    Illegal Closed
  Greyhound Club Cicero    Illegal 1940 1950s Closed
  Grove Cafe Decatur    Illegal 1940s Closed
  Grover Restaurant Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Grow(ing) Alliance / Together Chicago    Asian Card Room 1948 Closed
  Growing Fat Chicago    Asian Card Room Closed
  H (Heidi Orr) Litchfield    UFC Closed
  H. C. Evans Chicago    Manufacturer 1892 1955 Closed
  H.P.C. - See Hyde Park Club - Venice, Illinois
  Hallicrafters Chicago    Advertiser Closed
  Hard Rock Cafe Chicago    Land Based 06/17/1986 Open
  Hard Rock Casino Rockford Rockford    Land Based 11/10/2021 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Andrae's Urbana    Harley Davidson 1965 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Barbed Wire DeKalb    Harley Davidson 2017 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Black Diamond Marion    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Chi-Town Tinley Park    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Chicago Chicago    Harley Davidson 2017 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Chicago Rosemont    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Chicago (Wrigley) Chicago    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Chuck's Bloomington    Harley Davidson 07-03-2020 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - City Limits Palatine    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Conrad's Shorewood    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Coziahr Forsyth    Harley Davidson 1993 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Crete Crete    Harley Davidson 10/2010 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Dale's Mount Vernon    Harley Davidson 2015 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Dant's Princeton    Harley Davidson Closed
  Harley-Davidson - DeKalb DeKalb    Harley Davidson 2017 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Fox River Saint Charles    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Frieze O'Fallon    Harley Davidson 1963 08/2018 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Galena Galena    Harley Davidson 08/2012 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Great River Road Quincy    Harley Davidson 06/2015 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Green Mount Road O'Fallon    Harley Davidson 08/2018 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Hall's Springfield    Harley Davidson 1962 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Heritage Lisle    Harley Davidson 1987 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Illinois Countryside    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Iron Eagle Galesburg    Harley Davidson 01/2018 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Kegel Rockford    Harley Davidson 1912 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Lake Shore Libertyville    Harley Davidson 1967 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Legacy Effingham    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - McHenry McHenry    Harley Davidson 04/2019 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Nees Galesburg    Harley Davidson 12/2017 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Phantom Manteno    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Reiman's Kewanee    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Roadhouse Mount Vernon    Harley Davidson 06/2017 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Starved Rock Ottawa    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Ted's Alton    Harley Davidson 7/1966 Open
  Harley-Davidson - TNT Quincy    Harley Davidson 07/2015 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Walters Brothers Peoria    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Waterkotte Mount Vernon    Harley Davidson 2015 06/2017 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Wiebs Roadhouse Princeton    Harley Davidson Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Wild Fire Villa Park    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Wild One (Boutique) Bloomingdale    Harley Davidson 11/2017 05/2020 Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Wilwert's Galena    Harley Davidson Closed
  Harley-Davidson - Windy City Chicago    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Woodstock Woodstock    Harley Davidson Open
  Harley-Davidson - Workman Rock Falls    Harley Davidson 1982 Open
  Harley-Davidson - Zylstra Saint Charles    Harley Davidson Closed
  Harmony Hall Tavern Springfield    Illegal Closed
  Harold's Club Lansing    Illegal c1960 Closed
  Harrah's Joliet    Riverboat 05/04/1993 No Open
  Harrah's Metropolis    Riverboat 9/12/2001 No Open
  Harry's New York Bar Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Hawaiian Club Chicago    Illegal 1938 1959 Closed
  Hawthorne Race Course Stickney/Cicero    Racino Open
  HCH - See Black Cat Billiards - Effingham, Illinois
  Heng Fu (persistant) Chicago    Asian Card Room 1927 Closed
  Hi Ho Tavern Benld    Illegal 1945 Closed
  Hickey Pool Hall Lincoln    Illegal Closed
  Highwood Recreation Highwood    Illegal Closed
  Hilltop Casino East Dubuque    Illegal 1920s 1950s Closed
  HJH - See Lake Club - Springfield, Illinois
  HK E. Cape Girardeau    UFC 1940s 1965 Closed
  HLP - See Becker and Long - Havana, Illinois
  Hollywood Casino Aurora    Riverboat 6/17/1993 No Open
  Hollywood Casino Joliet    Riverboat 12/22/2010 Open
  Horseshoe Club Chicago    Illegal 1920s 1940s Closed
  Hot Pan Noodles & Dumplings Joliet    Non-Casino 08/2011 2018 Closed
  Hotel Pana Pana    Illegal Closed
  Hotel Sherman Chicago    Illegal 12/4/1941 Closed
  Hou Li Chicago    Card Room c1929 Unknown
  HPC - See Hyde Park Club - Venice, Illinois
  HR - See Highwood Recreation - Highwood, Illinois
  HS - See Clinton Billiard Hall - Clinton, Illinois
  HTT - See Chicago Club - Chicago, Illinois
  Hunt & Co. Chicago    Manufacturer Closed
  HW - See Tates Tavern - Streator, Illinois
  HW (Axel Elrod) Chicago    UFC Unknown
  Hyde Park Club Venice    Illegal 1942 Yes Closed
  Incredible Technologies Vernon HIlls    Manufacturer 1985 Open
  Indian Acres Streater    Illegal Closed
  Indian Motorcycle of Central Illinois Charleston    Advertiser Open
  Innovative Plastic Roselle    Manufacturer Unknown
  J&C Chicago    Illegal Yes Closed
  J&J - See 4807 Club - Cicero, Illinois
  J.P.C. - See Hyde Park Club - Venice, Illinois
  Jack Adams - See Sportsmen's Club - Peoria, Illinois
  Jay Kalman University Park    Personal Chip Open
  JBT - See Club Alamo - Alton, Illinois
  JCD Chicago    UFC 1927 Yes Closed
  JD - See Colony Club - McClure, Illinois
  JEC - See Palace Billiard Hall - Paris, Illinois
  Jeffrey's Poker Room Champaign    UFC Closed
  JEM Bath    UFC Closed
  JEM Waukegan    UFC 1942 Yes Closed
  Jet Lithocard Downers Grove    Manufacturer Closed
  JF Berwyn    UFC 1942 Yes Closed
  JF (Joe Stokes) Berwyn    UFC Closed
  JFS (Jerry Sliwa) Chicago    UFC Closed
  JH (Joe Hines) Chicago    Other Closed
  JHT Savanah    UFC 1930s 1940s Closed
  Jimmy John's Champaign    Food & Beverage 1983 Open
  JKM - See Kasey's Cigar Store - River Forest, Illinois
  JL - See Midway Tavern - Centralia, Illinois
  JL (overlapped) - See Hawaiian Club - Chicago, Illinois
  JML - See Hawaiian Club - Chicago, Illinois
  JMN Club Havana    Illegal 1940s 1953 Closed
  Joe Japp Chicago    UFC 1961 Closed
  Joe Miller - See 885 Club - Chicago, Illinois
  John Deere Moline    Tool 1837 Closed
  John Drew Chicago    Card Room Closed
  Jolly Fifty Club Rockford    Illegal Closed
  JPB - See 4021 Broadway Club - Chicago, Illinois
  JPC - See Liberty Hotel - Herrin, Illinois
  JPC - See Hyde Park Club - Venice, Illinois
  JR - See Para Dice Lounge - E. Peoria, Illinois
  JR - See Town House - Havana, Illinois
  JR (Willis Jackson) Highland Park    Other Closed
  JS (in circle) Kankakee    UFC Yes Closed
  JS Trail Tree Glencoe    Other Closed
  Jumer's Casino & Hotel Rock Island    Land Based 12/1/2008 9/17/2021 Closed
  JV - See 4807 Club - Cicero, Illinois
  JVT - See 4807 Club - Cicero, Illinois
  JWK - See West Side Recreation - Waukegan, Illinois
  JWR - See Hyde Park Club - Venice, Illinois
  Kasey's Cigar Store River Forest    Illegal Closed
  Kelly & Cawley LaSalle    Illegal Closed
  Kenny's Resort Shelbyville    Advertiser Closed
  KHK - See Coney Island Restaurant - Decatur, Illinois
  Kimball Hill Homes Rolling Meadows    Advertiser 1956 2008 Closed
  Kingston Plastics Des Plaines    Advertiser Open
  Kipp's Stag Restaurant Havana    Illegal Closed
  Kohry's Peru    Illegal 10/29/1951 1950s Closed
  KSR - See Kipp's Stag Restaurant - Havana, Illinois
  L'A (in circle) - See L'Aiglon Cafe - Chicago, Illinois
  L'Aiglon Cafe Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Lake Club Springfield    Illegal Closed
  Lake Shore Country Club Glencoe    Fraternal 1922 Open
  Lakewood Supper Club Bath    Illegal Closed
  LECC Chicago    UFC 1915 Yes Closed
  Leo's 2530 Club Chicago    Illegal 1940s 1960s Closed
  Lian He Chicago    Card Room Unknown
  Lian Xing Gongsi (lian Xing Company) Chicago    Asian Card Room Unknown
  Liberty Hotel Herrin    Illegal Yes Closed
  Lili-Mae's Gambling Casino Dwight    Other 4/23/2014 Open
  Lincoln Tavern Morton Grove    Illegal Closed
  Lions Club Headquarters Oak brook    Fraternal 6/07/1917 Open
  LMN Chicago    UFC Closed
  Lobby Smoke Shop Taylorville    Illegal Closed
  Log Cabin Benld    Illegal 6/16/1938 Closed
  LOM - See LOOM Loyal Order of Moose International - Mooseheart, Illinois
  Lookout Club Benld    Illegal Closed
  LOOM Loyal Order of Moose International Mooseheart    Fraternal 1888 Open
  Los Angeles Club E. St. Louis    Illegal 5/29/1941 Closed
  Lower Deck Chicago    Illegal 1936 Closed
  LRB - See Tea Cup Tavern - Danville, Illinois
  LSCC (sailboat) - See Lake Shore Country Club - Glencoe, Illinois
  LSS - See Lobby Smoke Shop - Taylorville, Illinois
  Lyceum Stag Peoria    Illegal 6/16/1938 Closed
  Lyn Papke    Personal Chip Open
  M (in circle) - See Maples Restaurant - Peru, Illinois
  M&M - See Paddock, The - Champaign, Illinois
  M&S Cigar Store Jacksonville    Illegal Closed
  MAC - See Talk of the Town - Peoria, Illinois
  Main Street Cigar Store Edwardsville    Illegal 1940 1950s Closed
  Main Tap Havana    Illegal 1953 Closed
  Maples Restaurant Peru    Illegal 1940 Closed
  Mason & Co Chicago    Manufacturer Closed
  Maxie's Night Club E. Moline    Illegal 1939 1950s Closed
  MCC (George Stein) Chicago    UFC Closed
  McDonald's Chicago    Food & Beverage Open
  McDonough Electric Cooperative Macomb    Advertiser Open
  McLaughlin Cafe Chicago    Illegal Closed
  MD - See Maxie's Night Club - E. Moline, Illinois
  Medinah Country Club Medinah    Social Club 1922 Open
  Meiguo Zhi Cheng Changli Gongsi (American Company) Chicago    Asian Card Room Closed
  Melrose Park Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Merriment Cocktail Lounge Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Midway Tavern Centralia    Illegal Closed
  Mike's Poker Parlor Hanna City    Home Poker Set Closed
  Ming Xing Chicago    Card Room 1960s Yes Closed
  Misel Cicero    Illegal Closed
  Mississippi Gambler Joliet    Fantasy Never Opened
  MK Chicago    UFC 1927 Closed
  Moonlight Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Moonlight Gardens Kankakee    Illegal 11/18/1939 Closed
  Morris's Tavern Depue    Illegal Closed
  Morrison Hotel Chicago    Illegal 1941 Closed
  Morrow & Budde Cigar Pekin    Illegal Closed
  MS - See M&S Cigar Store - Jacksonville, Illinois
  NB    UFC 1959 Closed
  NB - See Grand Recreation Club - Waukegan, Illinois
  NCS - See North Shore Cigar Store - Chicago, Illinois
  New 12th Club Chicago    UFC c1923 Closed
  New Club Gig-Gilleaux (GIG) Peoria    Illegal 1939 Closed
  North Shore Cigar Store Chicago    Illegal 1937 Yes Closed
  O'Brien Tavern Amboy    Illegal Closed
  O'Hare Chicago    Military Closed
  O&C / R&G - See Gammons Lake Cottage - Clinton, Illinois
  Oak Brook Golf Club Oak Brook    Golf Club Open
  OC - See Owl Club - Calumet City, Illinois
  OCC - See Doc's Place - Decatur, Illinois
  Ohio-Michigan Club Chicago    Illegal 1933 Closed
  OMC / 153 - See Ohio-Michigan Club - Chicago, Illinois
  Owl Club Calumet City    Illegal 1936 1951 Closed
  Owl Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  P - See Stag Bar - Pekin, Illinois
  P - See Butkovich Tavern - Wood River, Illinois
  P. H. Cooley St Charles    UFC Closed
  Paddock Club Cicero    Illegal 1939 Closed
  Paddock Coffee Shop Streator    Illegal Unknown
  Paddock, The Champaign    Illegal Open
  Palace Mattoon    Illegal 1930s Closed
  Palace Billiard Hall Paris    Illegal 1951 Closed
  Palace Club Peoria    Illegal 1948 Closed
  Palatka Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Pam Holmgren Algonquin    Personal Chip 10/17/2022 Closed
  Par-A-Dice Casino E. Peoria    Riverboat 11/20/1991 No Open
  Para Dice Lounge E. Peoria    Illegal 1940s Closed
  Paradice Club - See Para Dice Lounge - E. Peoria, Illinois
  Paramount Club Centralia    Illegal 10/16/1940 Closed
  Parkside Bowling Lanes Aurora    Rstrctd Lic. Open
  Pasfield Golf Course Springfield    Golf Club Open
  Paul & Bev Brown Sparta    Personal Chip Open
  PB Chicago    UFC Closed
  PB Sparta    Personal Chip Unknown
  PC Havana    UFC Closed
  PC - See Wallace Hotel - Springfield, Illinois
  PC (in square) - See Paramount Club - Centralia, Illinois
  Peak & Bohart - See White Court Tavern - Canton, Illinois
  Perfect Plastic Printing Corp Saint Charles    Manufacturer Unknown
  Piper Glen Golf Club Springfield    Golf Club Open
  PJCC (Poker Chips & Supplies) Arthur    Advertiser Closed
  Plantation, The Moline    Illegal 1920s 1940s Closed
  Planters Hotel Chicago    Illegal 1895 Closed
  Plastag Corp Elk Grove Village    Manufacturer Closed
  Players Riverboat Casino Metropolis    Riverboat 2/23/1993 09/01/2001 Closed
  PP (inverted, overlap) - See Pullman Co. - Chicago, Illinois
  Pullman Club Chicago    Illegal Unknown
  Pullman Co. Chicago    Illegal 1921 Closed
  Purple Crackle Club E. Cape Girardeau    Illegal 1980s 1980s Closed
  Purple Grackle Club Elgin    Illegal Closed
  Purple Krackle - See Purple Crackle Club - E. Cape Girardeau, Illinois
  R'Place Forest Park    Dining & Entertainment 2007 2022 Closed
  Racquet Club, The Chicago    Fraternal 1925 Open
  Ravins End Casino Glencoe    Home Poker Set Closed
  RAY (Ray Johnson) HARP    UFC Unknown
  RCG - See Rock Garden - Cicero, Illinois
  RDS - See Palace - Mattoon, Illinois
  RDS - See Rendezvous Tavern - Taylor Springs, Illinois
  Red Ace Farmington    Illegal Closed
  Regent Club Cairo    Illegal Closed
  Rendezvous Tavern Taylor Springs    Illegal 1946 c1950 Closed
  RG - See Rock Garden - Cicero, Illinois
  RGT - See Rock Garden - Cicero, Illinois
  Richard Hartzog    Personal Chip Open
  Riggio's Restaturant Niles    Dining & Entertainment Open
  Ringside E. St. Louis    Illegal 1920s 1940s Closed
  Riptide Club Calumet City    Illegal 1947 Closed
  Riva's Tavern Clinton    Illegal Closed
  Riverboat Rick Pokracki    Personal Chip Open
  Rivers Des Plaines    Land Based 07/18/2011 Open
  RL Club Havana    Illegal 1940s c1953 Closed
  RM - See McLaughlin Cafe - Chicago, Illinois
  Rock Garden Cicero    Illegal Closed
  Rock Island Chicago    Transportation 10/10/1852 03/31/1980 Closed
  Rockford Casino Players, Inc. Rockford    Charity Closed
  Rockford Charitable Games Association Rockford    Charity Closed
  Rosie's Poker Room Chicago    Home Poker Set Fantasy
  RS - See Palace - Mattoon, Illinois
  RSL - See Duck Inn Tavern - E. Peoria, Illinois
  Ryan & Co. (Ryan's Speed Checks) Chicago    Manufacturer 1930s 1940s Closed
  S (Wm. B. Pick) Chicago    UFC 1948 Closed
  S&M T's    UFC 1958 Closed
  S.C. (in circle) - See Senrab Club - Chicago, Illinois
  S.M.H. (Samuel Miles Hastings) Highland Park    Non-Casino 1925 Yes Closed
  SA Kankakee    UFC 1930s Closed
  Saddle Club Springfield    Illegal Closed
  Santa Fe Railroad Co Chicago    Transportation 1859 1996 Closed
  Saratoga Club Litchfield    Illegal Closed
  Sazarac Club Beardstown    Illegal 1930s Yes Closed
  Schreck's Tavern Pekin    Illegal 10/3/1947 Closed
  Scott Air Force Base (Scott AFB) Belleville    Military 1917 Open
  Senrab Club Chicago    Illegal 1929 1936 Closed
  SESC - See South East Social Club - Chicago, Illinois
  Seven Gables Morris    Illegal 1930s Closed
  SG - See Seven Gables - Morris, Illinois
  SGW - See Smith & Groves Tavern - Cairo, Illinois
  Shamrock Club Utica    Illegal 1951 Closed
  Shawgo's Club Havana    Illegal Closed
  Silver Eagle E. Dubuque    Riverboat 06/17/92 07/31/1997 Closed
  Singapore Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  SJB (Nancy Babendir) Deerfield    Illegal 1998 Closed
  SLIM - See Club Pla-Mor - Divernon, Illinois
  Smith & Groves Tavern Cairo    Illegal Closed
  Smoke House Havana    Illegal 1948 Closed
  Smoke Shop Chicago    Illegal Closed
  South Bluff Country Club Peru    Illegal 1930 Closed
  South East Social Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Sportsman's Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Sportsmen's Club Peoria    Illegal 1945 Closed
  Spur Inn Karnak    Illegal 1945 Closed
  Square Deal Ottawa    UFC Closed
  SR - See Downtown Poker Club - Kankakee, Illinois
  SRB - See Belmont Club - Chicago, Illinois
  St. Jude Rides    Advertiser Open
  Stacy's Place Carpentersville    Dining & Entertainment Open
  STAG - See Kipp's Stag Restaurant - Havana, Illinois
  Stag Bar Pekin    Illegal 1949 Closed
  Stan's Tavern Havana    Illegal 1930s Closed
  Starlite Club Chicago    Illegal 1940s Yes Closed
  Subway Club Champaign    Illegal Closed
  Suzo-Happ Group Mount Prospect    Manufacturer Open
  SX - See Grover Restaurant - Chicago, Illinois
  T&S - See Todd & Sons - Rock Island, Illinois
  Talk of the Town Peoria    Illegal Closed
  Tates Tavern Streator    Illegal Closed
  Taylor & Company Cicero    Manufacturer Closed
  TC - See Turf Club - Cairo, Illinois
  TCL - See Harmony Hall Tavern - Springfield, Illinois
  Tea Cup Tavern Danville    Illegal Yes Closed
  Temporary, The by American Place - See American Place Casino - Waukegan, Illinois
  Terrace Club E. St. Louis    Illegal Closed
  THT - See Top Hat Club - Danville, Illinois
  Thunderbird E. Cape Girardeau    Illegal c1948 1965 Closed
  TI - See Tumble Inn - Mendota, Illinois
  Tinny's Silver Congo LaSalle    Illegal Unknown
  TK Chicago    UFC Closed
  TND - See Dells Club - Morton Grove, Illinois
  Todd & Sons Rock Island    Illegal Closed
  Top Hat Club Danville    Illegal 1940 1948 Closed
  Topper's Key Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Toppers Restaurant Chicago    Illegal Yes Closed
  Tops in Bowling Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Town Club Chicago    Illegal Closed
  Town House Havana    Illegal 1940s 1953 Closed
  TPR (R. F. Hayes) Chicago    UFC Closed
  TR - See Palace - Mattoon, Illinois
  Triangle Club Woodson    Illegal 3/29/1941 Closed
  Trivista Plastics Chicago    Manufacturer Closed
  Tropicana Night Club Chicago    Illegal 1953 Closed
  Tropics, The Lincoln    Illegal Closed
  TS - See Palace - Mattoon, Illinois
  TSC - See Tinny's Silver Congo - LaSalle, Illinois
  Tumble Inn Mendota    Illegal Closed
  Turf Club Cairo    Illegal 7/11/1946 Closed
  Turf Club Cicero    Illegal 1950 1958 Closed
  TW - See Doc's Place - Decatur, Illinois
  Two Brothers Cottage Hills    Illegal Closed
  Union Hing Co. Chicago    Illegal c1946 Closed
  V (Ellis Hill) Gillespie    UFC 2/22/1946 Closed
  V&C Chicago    Illegal 1939 Closed
  V-C - See Veterans Club - Chicago, Illinois
  VB - See Main Street Cigar Store - Edwardsville, Illinois
  VCC - See Virginia Country Club - Virginia, Illinois
  Vernon Country Club Deerfield    Illegal 1940s c1963 Closed
  Versatile Card Technology Inc (VCT) Downers Grove    Manufacturer Closed
  Veterans Club Chicago    Illegal 1946 Closed
  VFW 1308 Alton    Fraternal Open
  VFW 3912 Litchfield    Fraternal Open
  VFW 7980 Millstadt    Fraternal Open
  Villa Hotel McClure    Illegal 1940 Closed
  Villa Moderne Highland Park    Illegal 1939 Closed
  Virginia Country Club Virginia    Illegal 1940s c1953 Closed
  VV (R. Basile) Chicago    UFC Unknown
  Wade Schwister Steamwood    Personal Chip Open
  Walker's Bluff Carterville    Land Based 08/25/2023 Open
  Wallace Hotel Springfield    Illegal Closed
  Walter E. Selck / Ray Bennigsen Wilmette    Non-Casino 1959 Yes Closed
  Watling Mfg. Co. Chicago    Manufacturer Closed
  Waukegan Recreation Co Waukegan    Illegal Closed
  West Side Recreation Waukegan    Illegal Closed
  West Side Tavern Mason City    Illegal Closed
  WH - See Gebhart Tavern - Pekin, Illinois
  WHC - See White House Club - Highwood, Illinois
  WHH (Wally Howard) Mt. Olive    UFC Unknown
  White Court Tavern Canton    Illegal 1940s Closed
  White House Club Highwood    Illegal 1936 1930s Closed
  Winchester Ammunition Inc. E. Alton    Advertiser Open
  Wishing Well Springfield    Illegal 2/6/1948 Closed
  WJK Chicago    Illegal 1930 Closed
  WMS - See Seven Gables - Morris, Illinois
  WMS Gaming Waukegan    Manufacturer Open
  WOH - See Sazarac Club - Beardstown, Illinois
  WRC - See Waukegan Recreation Co - Waukegan, Illinois
  Xie He (Harmony) Chicago    Asian Card Room Closed
  Xing Jia Po (Singapore Club) Chicago    Card Room 1948 Unknown
  Yee Sup Mg (25) Kankakee    Asian Card Room Closed
  YN Rock Island    UFC 1942 Yes Closed
  Yong He Chicago    Card Room 1937 Unknown
  You Yi Chicago    Card Room Closed
  Zhi Cheng Yonghe Gongsi (Zhi Cheng Yonghe Company) Chicago    Asian Card Room Closed
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